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Passe-Partout is a comprehensive textbook for both Ordinary and Higher Level students of Leaving Certificate French. The book sets out to give students all of the skills and the knowledge necessary to perform well in the examination. Accompanied by a CD, Passe-Partout will enable students to speak, understand, read and write everyday French.

Passe-Partout contains:

  • A CD with aural material that is incorporated as text within the book.
  • Reading comprehensions of varying levels of difficulty.
  • A grammar section that deals with each item as the student is approaching it for the first time.
  • Numerous exercises to give students plenty of practice.
  • A vocabulary section based on the subject matter of the texts, including words and expressions for use in the written and oral sections of the unit.
  • A thorough written expression section that explains how all the written tasks in the Leaving Certificate should be approached.
  • An oral section that includes questions on the subject matter of the unit.
  • An aural section that includes passages that relate to the subject matter of the reading comprehensions and the vocabulary section.
  • Full-colour illustrations and 400 pages in length.

Authors: Ann Sheppard and Françoise Brotelande-Dunleavy

Class:  Junior Cycle

Price:   €39.95

ISBN:   9780714415741