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Geography Quest 3 – Web Links

CJ Fallon has checked the external web links on these pages. We believe these links provide interesting information that is appropriate for children. However, the internet is a constantly changing place and these links may not work or the external web site may have changed. We also have no control over the ‘Ads by Google’ links, but these should relate to the topic. You are responsible for supervising your children. If you ever find a link that you feel is inappropriate, please let us know immediately.

The Teacher Icon Image icon identifies a web link that is more appropriate to a teacher, than to a child.


Chapter 1: Water

Learn how to save water around the house: Web Link

Chapter 2: Transport

Play some games to help you learn about road safety: Web Link 1, Web Link 2
Test your knowledge of transport in Ireland: Web Link
Find out about Irish passenger ships… Web Link
… and some Irish passenger planes: Web Link
Have some fun with this game: Web Link
Play this label game and think about what kinds of transport are used where you live: Web Link

Chapter 3: The Weather

Look up the weather forecast from the experts: Web Link
Learn how to make a rain gauge: Web Link
A useful lesson where you match homes to their locations: Web Link

Chapter 5: The Food we Eat

Play this game to learn about foods that give you energy: Web Link
Find out about the Food Dudes: Web Link

Chapter 6: Plans and Maps

Lots of map work for you to do: Web Link

Chapter 7: Organising and re-using Waste Materials

Solve this mystery and learn how your school can produce less rubbish: Web Link
Help Anita clean her room and learn how to reuse and recycle objects around the house: Web Link

Chapter 8: Looking at our School

Go on a treasure hunt: Web Link
Map games for you to try: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image You might like to use this one on the whiteboard: Web Link

Chapter 9: Ireland – Provinces and Counties

Teacher Icon Image Plenty of activities here – all based on Ireland! Web Link
Click on this map to find out information about your county: Web Link
Test your knowledge of Irish counties in this game: Web Link

Chapter 10: Homes

This is a game to play at home: Web Link
Help some animals find their homes: Web Link

Chapter 11: Getting to know your Local Area

How does Mexico City or Belfast compare with your local area? Web Link
Teacher Icon Image Download and use the free software on this site to make a map of your local area: Web Link

Chapter 12: Directions

A lesson on compass directions: Web Link
Have fun with this interactive map – zoom in and find the street you live on! Web Link

Chapter 13: Bridges

Find out about the three main types of bridges: Web Link
A bridge building game: Web Link

Chapter 14: Australia

Some activities for you to do in Oz if you’re lucky enough to go there on holidays: Web Link
Loads of information on Australia: Web Link
Take this quiz to test your knowledge of Australia: Web Link

Chapter 15: Around our Coast

Lots of information about shorelines (coastlines): Web Link
Explore this virtual rocky shore! Web Link

Chapter 16: Apples from the Orchard

Apples are really good for you! Find out about some other foods that keep you healthy: Web Link
Lots of games to play here with the Fruit and Veg gang! Web Link
…and this site is just a bit of fun! Web Link


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