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History Quest 5 – Web Links

CJ Fallon has checked the external web links on these pages. We believe these links provide interesting information that is appropriate for children. However, the internet is a constantly changing place and these links may not work or the external web site may have changed. We also have no control over the ‘Ads by Google’ links, but these should relate to the topic. You are responsible for supervising your children. If you ever find a link that you feel is inappropriate, please let us know immediately.

The Teacher Icon Image icon identifies a web link that is more appropriate to a teacher, than to a child.

Chapter 1: King Midas

Find out about the real Ancient Greeks: Web Link 1, Web Link 2, Web Link 3
This site might be a bit hit and myth! Web Link

Chapter 2: Women Who Made a Difference – Part 1

The official Amelia Earhart website: Web Link
Read the stories of women astronauts/cosmonauts: Web Link
A timeline of pioneering women in space: Web Link
The story of Rosa Parks: Web Link
Find out about other important women in history: Web Link 1, Web Link 2

Chapter 3: Pompeii

Discover the world of the Ancient Romans: Web Link
Have a look at this model of Ancient Rome: Web Link
Kit out a Roman gladiator for battle: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image Lesson plans and activities on the Roman Empire: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image Lots of information and videos on Pompeii: Web Link
An eyewitness account of the destruction of Pompeii: Web Link
Now do a quiz to test your knowledge of this chapter: Web Link

Chapter 4: The Aztec People

Information about the Aztecs: Web Link
Learn about Hernán Cortés: Web Link
An Aztec story: Web Link

Chapter 5: The Renaissance

Find out all about the Renaissance here: Web Link
A whole gateway to lots of information about the Renaissance: Web Link 1, Web Link 2
Find out more about Christopher Columbus: Web Link
See some of Michelangelo’s work: Web Link
Learn about Leonardo da Vinci… Web Link
…and see some of his work: Web Link
Some cool printing facts: Web Link
Biography of Galileo: Web Link

Chapter 6: The French Revolution

How it all began: Web Link
Play ‘Walk the Plank’ – a quiz based on the French Revolution: Web Link
Answer some questions on the French Revolution and you get to fling the teacher! Web Link
Read about storming the Bastille: Web Link

Chapter 7: Ireland in the Age of Revolutions

Read more about the 1798 Rebellion: Web Link

Chapter 8: The Industrial Revolution

Play this game and become a cotton millionaire: Web Link
Learn about coalmining in Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image This site contains stories from children in Echline Primary School who imagined what it was like to work in coalmines in Victorian times – a possible exercise for your own class: Web Link
Watch the following animations:
The first steam locomotive engine: Web Link
Blast furnaces: Web Link
The spinning mill: Web Link

Chapter 9: World War I

Explore the lives of people who lived during World War I: Web Link
Lots of links on this site – all about the First World War: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image This is a lesson on the weapons used in World War I: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image A video on World War I that you could show in class: Web Link
Play this game of Historical Duckshoot – all the questions are based on WWI: Web Link
Ireland and the ‘Great’ War: Web Link

Chapter 10: Life in the 1960s

A timeline of what happened in the 1960s: Web Link
Some information about Yuri Gagarin: Web Link
See some videos and audio about Apollo 11, the first manned mission to land on the moon: Web Link
Who were The Beatles? Web Link
Lots of information about the Berlin Wall: Web Link 1, Web Link 2

Chapter 11: Northern Ireland

Fact Files of all political and paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland: Web Link
The death toll of those killed in the Troubles in Northern Ireland: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image Interviews with people who have experienced violence in Northern Ireland: Web Link

Chapter 12: Women Who Made a Difference – Part 2

Find out what’s going wrong in Burma (Myanmar): Web Link
A guide to women leaders around the world: Web Link
A short quiz for you to test your knowledge of important women in history: Web Link

Chapter 13: Nelson Mandela

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” See other Nelson Mandela quotes here: Web Link

Chapter 14: History of Medicine

Complete this Doctor over Time activity (click on the text version): Web Link
A nice timeline showing how medicine has improved over time: Web Link
Read about some real people working in hospitals today: Web Link
Take a quick peek at a hospital: Web Link
A short quiz on Medicine Through the Ages: Web Link

Have fun exploring these sites:

Web Link 1, Web Link 2

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