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myCJFallonReader – Help Page (HTML5)

Please note that online access is required to validate access, for the first launch of a title.
If you are encountering issues it might be necessary to delete and re-install the App. If you have any further queries, please contact

myCJFallonReader Support

HTML5 Chrome App V3·1·7 – released September 2017

Version 3·1·7 removes the syncing issue encountered with Doodles.

HTML5 Chrome App V3·1·5 – released March 2017

Version 3·1·5 eliminates some bugs and contains performance improvements; primarily to do with Doodles.

HTML5 Chrome App V3·1·2 – released October 2016

Version 3·1·2 improves integration with interactive whiteboards and touch screen devices; while removing a few minor bugs.

HTML5 Chrome App V3·1·1 – released August 2016

Version 3·1·1 brings enhancements to the zoom feature, improving visibility while using projectors and whiteboards.

HTML5 Chrome App V3·1 – released May 2015

Version 3.1 brings some feature enhancements, which include:
* Multimedia: The popup window now contains access to additional tools.
* Notes: The styling tools have been fine-tuned.
* User Settings: Minor tweaks based on your profile.

…and some tiny bugs have been eradicated.

HTML5 Chrome App V3·0 – released December 16 2014
We’ve taken a lot of your feedback on-board and deliverd version 3.0.

Features added in version 3.0 include:
* Notifications: Keep an eye on notifications for updates to the App and/or your titles.
* Splitscreen: View two titles at the same time.
* Bookmarks: Add a bookmark to a page; and jump to it at a later stage.
* Highlight: Highlight key words in the text; with different colours.
* Screen-grabs: Take a screen-grab of an element on a page and add your own annotation.
* Post-Its: Leave a Post-It to remind you of, or expand on, a key point.
* Doodle: Completely mark up a page with lines, text or doodles; using different weights and colours.

Features enhanced include:
* Login: The App now keeps you logged in (until you explicitly logout).
* Login credentials: You can now reset the dreaded password.
* Booklist: Move and organise your Booklist tiles.
* Notes: Add styling to your book notes with underlines, colours, italics and more.
* Broken/Unsuitable Link: Alert CJ Fallon of these from within the Multimedia panel of the App, using the ! icon.

And some bugs have been removed.

Updating instructions are available here.

HTML5 Chrome App V2.2 (1·0·22) – released October 04 2014
This update resolves a multimedia hotspot and loading issue.
Updating instructions are available here.

HTML5 Chrome App V1·0·21 – released October 24 2013
Delivering our eReader App to desktops and laptops, some great features have been included in this release:

* Zoom in and out on a page, with a simple click
* Double-page spread to view
* Export/share your Notes via email.
* Two text sizes available within Notes – making them easier to read.
* Video, images, audio files and web links now available from titles within the App. Internet connectivity is required for some links.

You can also…
– access a selection of Demo books that you can test and see all the features of our Digital eBook offering.