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Science Quest 2 – Web Links

CJ Fallon has checked the external web links on these pages. We believe these links provide interesting information that is appropriate for children. However, the internet is a constantly changing place and these links may not work or the external web site may have changed. We also have no control over the ‘Ads by Google’ links, but these should relate to the topic. You are responsible for supervising your children. If you ever find a link that you feel is inappropriate, please let us know immediately.

The Teacher Icon Image icon identifies a web link that is more appropriate to a teacher, than to a child.

Chapter 1: Lemon Suds

Teacher Icon Image An experiment showing how to make lemon suds: Web Link
Play this scrub-a-pup game: Web Link

Chapter 2: Make a Rainbow

Teacher Icon Image Learn how to decorate walls with rainbows from compact discs: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image Lots of rainbow colouring pages here – print them off and have your class colour them in: Web Link

Chapter 3: High and Dry

Some ways to show the invisibility of ‘air’: Web Link
Ideas for making wind chimes – a great way to ‘see’ invisible air move: Web Link

Chapter 5: Balloons Away

Teacher Icon Image Application of the balloon boat experiment: Web Link
Use straws and string to ‘direct’ the balloon you release… Web Link
Teacher Icon Image More fun releasing balloons – this time using a bendy straw to make them spin in circles: Web Link

Chapter 6: Environmental Care

Play this recycle-against-the-clock game: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image Video about recycling – language is a little difficult for this level but the accompanying images, and familiarity with the subject matter made it easy enough to follow: Web Link
Meet Earthman, Sunny Ray and Moonbeam and a host of other Planetpals on this very child-friendly site: Web Link

Chapter 7: Now you see it… Now you don’t!

Teacher Icon Image Nice patterns for ‘spinners’ or thaumatropes – click on the printable version for a very impressive art/science lesson: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image Another optical illusion toy with a big name! Making a phenakistascope integrates nicely with art and it’s also a lot of fun! Web Link

Chapter 8: Waterproof

Play this challenging weather game: Web Link
Have a go at testing different materials to see if they are waterproof: Web Link

Chapter 9: Oil and Water

Teacher Icon Image Experiment to compare the density of objects: Web Link
This site explains how to make a lava lamp using oil and water: Web Link

Chapter 10: Whatever Floats your Boat

Information and experiments all about air pressure: Web Link

Chapter 11: Thirsty Plants and Plant Pipes

Simple game showing how plants need water to grow: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image Variations of the absorption experiment in the book: Web Link 1, Web Link 2

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