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Science Quest 3 – Web Links

CJ Fallon has checked the external web links on these pages. We believe these links provide interesting information that is appropriate for children. However, the internet is a constantly changing place and these links may not work or the external web site may have changed. We also have no control over the ‘Ads by Google’ links, but these should relate to the topic. You are responsible for supervising your children. If you ever find a link that you feel is inappropriate, please let us know immediately.

The Teacher Icon Image icon identifies a web link that is more appropriate to a teacher, than to a child.

Chapter 1: Burst Your Bubble

Teacher Icon Image An experiment showing you how to make a cube-shaped bubble: Web Link
Here are a few simple bubble games: Web Link

Chapter 2: Grow a Tree – Part 1 and Chapter 20: Grow a Tree – Part 2

Teacher Icon Image Download these worksheets to help your lesson on trees: Web Link
Learn about the life of a tree: Web Link

Chapter 3: A Sound Idea

Lots of games here to help you practice new ways of listening: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image Good experiment involving vibrations: Web Link
A great game using sound… help the mermaid get her voice back! Web Link

Chapter 4: Hello! Hello!

Read other people’s results when they made string telephones: Web Link
What is sound? Web Link

Chapter 5: Splish Splash

Lots to see and do on this site – all about water! Web Link

Chapter 7: Walking on Air

A few experiments here on air pressure: Web Link
Find out about air pressure: Web Link (Choose a topic: Air pressure)

Chapter 8: Good Egg!

Teacher Icon Image Another version of the egg experiment that is in the book: Web Link
Read these buoyancy basics: Web Link
Find out about the Dead Sea: Web Link

Chapter 9: Make a Bird Feeder

Read this guide to garden birds: Web Link

Chapter 10: A Water Washer

Read comments from kids who already tried the experiment in the book: Web Link

Chapter 11: Any Old Iron?

Play this fun magnet game: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image Lots of information here you could use in lesson plans: Web Link

Chapter 12: Heart to Heart

This site is packed with fun activities that teach you how to maintain a healthy heart: Web Link
Find out more about your heart here: Web Link
Lots of information here about your heart and circulatory system: Web Link

Chapter 13: How does it Work: The Nappy

Time for you to soak up a few facts! Web Link (Choose a Topic – Absorbency)

Chapter 14: Yummy Yummy Yuck!

What are taste buds? Find out here: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image Lots of experiments here to test your sense of taste: Web Link

Chapter 15: Going, Going, Gone

Teacher Icon Image An experiment to see if heat helps solids to dissolve: Web Link

Chapter 16: Slime Time!

Teacher Icon Image Here are some recipes and instructions on how to make slime: Web Link

Chapter 17: Sticky Balloons

Teacher Icon Image A nice experiment with static electricity: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image Download these videos of lightening and show in class: Web Link

Chapter 18: Bendy Water

Teacher Icon Image Have a look at these static electricity experiments: Web Link
Learn ways to make static electricity: Web Link

Chapter 19: Fizzy Lizzy Blows Her Top!

See a video of this cola and mints experiment: Web Link

Chapter 20: Grow a Tree – Part 2

Look at the links for Chapter 2.
Click here to see a video of germinating seeds: Web Link

And a little bit extra…

This is a good science site with lots more ideas for you to try: Web Link

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