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Science Quest 4 – Web Links

CJ Fallon has checked the external web links on these pages. We believe these links provide interesting information that is appropriate for children. However, the internet is a constantly changing place and these links may not work or the external web site may have changed. We also have no control over the ‘Ads by Google’ links, but these should relate to the topic. You are responsible for supervising your children. If you ever find a link that you feel is inappropriate, please let us know immediately.

The Teacher Icon Image icon identifies a web link that is more appropriate to a teacher, than to a child.

Chapter 1: The Wave Machine

Teacher Icon Image This experiment shows how to make interesting colour mixes with oil, water, food colouring, vinegar etc: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image A variation on the above but this time using milk, glue, detergent and food colouring to make a solid disc of colour: Web Link

Chapter 2: Oak Gall Ink

Read these facts about the Book of Kells: Web Link

Chapter 4: Parachutes

Teacher Icon Image An experiment showing you how to make a parachute. Great fun if you enjoy mess! Web Link
Teacher Icon Image This parachute experiment has some useful tips worth checking out: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image Here are lots of parachute games you can try with your class: Web Link
Read this experiment on how to make a parachute – includes an explanation: Web Link

Chapter 5: Kitchen Chemistry

Have a look at these experiments that use chemical reactions – includes explanations: Web Link 1, Web Link 2

Chapter 6: Brake Time

Scroll down the topic choice list and choose ‘friction’. There’s lots to see and do here: Web Link
Shows some interesting examples of friction (and friction reduction) from real life – snakes, skates, palms and space shuttles: Web Link

Chapter 7: Get a Grip!

Teacher Icon Image This video shows (and explains) the great tablecloth trick: Web Link
This is an excellent game based on the degree of friction of different materials: Web Link

Chapter 9: A Little Light Work

Read through this easy and colourful guide to electric circuits: Web Link
Play this very simple game that shows the effect of increasing battery voltage: Web Link

Chapter 10: The Hovercraft

Teacher Icon Image A video demonstration of the CD hovercraft – it might help if you are having trouble with the experiment in the book: Web Link
Read about the history of hovercrafts: Web Link

Chapter 11: Blowing in the Wind

Teacher Icon Image Make your own simple anemometer: Web Link

Chapter 12: 3-D Vision

There are some good optical illusion videos on this site: Web Link
Plenty of 3-D viewing illusions (and clear instructions) on this site: Web Link

Chapter 13: The Crusher

Teacher Icon Image Have a look at this video which shows the force of air pressure: Web Link
Teacher Icon Image This experiment shows the relative speed of molecules of water in hot and in cold water. An interesting follow-up to the ‘Crusher’ experiment: Web Link
Have a look at this hot air experiment: Web Link

Chapter 14: Hear! Hear!

The clapping game with troubleshooting comments at the bottom of the page: Web Link
This site explains echolocation… and has lots of information about bats: Web Link

Chapter 15: Jumping Flames and Explosions

This site has a good video showing sound waves (but it does get a bit complicated as it goes on): Web Link
Teacher Icon Image Learn how to see sound waves while playing music… loudly! Web Link

Chapter 16: Bending Light

A variation on the experiment in your textbook that explores the idea that an object can look different when viewed through glass or water: Web Link
Play this challenging game involving mirrors and light: Web Link

Chapter 17: The Human Cannonball

Teacher Icon Image Another version of the experiment in the textbook, this time using vinegar and bicarbonate soda: Web Link
This experiment shows you how to make rockets rather than human cannonballs. Read comments from other children who have carried out the experiment: Web Link

Chapter 18: Flower Press

Teacher Icon Image Learn how to change the colour of flowers: Web Link

Chapter 19: Water Pressure

Teacher Icon Image Another version of the water pressure experiment in the book: Web Link
Some information and images of Marianas Trench: Web Link

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