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eBook Shop Support

How do I contact CJ Fallon with issues about my purchase?
Please email with any problems or queries, and please ensure to include your order number in your correspondence.

I cannot find the title I’m looking for?
Some title are not available, due to copyright restrictions; and others are in the process of being made available as eBooks. Please contact to find out more.

Where I can I get a myCJFallonReader app?
Links to available apps are at

I have purchased an eBook title… how do I add my purchase to my Booklist?
Please ensure that your device has internet access. Then, in iOS and Android, select the ‘Add Title’ feature, next input the ‘Unlock Code’ you received in the email sent from the store and then tap ‘Add’; the title will become available for you to download. Please download and open the title once, while online. If the app you are using does not have the ‘Add Title’ feature, simply email with your contact details, please ensure to include your ‘Order’ number and ‘Unlock Code’ in your correspondence, and we will revert with details.

I do not have an active CJFallon eReader Account?
If you have purchased an eBook from, please revert to your ‘CJFallon eBook Shop Order Confirmation’ email, whereby the process to request a CJFallon eReader Account is documented.

When logging in to the app, I am told that my username and password are incorrect?
1. If you have an active account; are your typing your log in credentials correctly, please note that BOTH username and password are case sensitive.
2. In some instances an active account may not be in place, please check with your schools ICT co-ordinator that you, (A) require an account and (B) that one has been created.

I cannot open a title on my booklist?
You need to ensure that your device has internet access. Once your account has been authenticated, you will need to download each title assigned and open the title to validate the license. After this process you can access your titles offline. It may also be the case that access to this title has expired.

I cannot fully download a title?
Please ensure that your device has internet access. Some of our titles contain a lot of embedded multimedia, which can increase file size. Depending on the speed of your network, these titles may be slow to download. In some instances, downloading can remain at 50% for a ‘few’ minutes, as the bulk of assets are pushed down. If this period is over 3 to 4 minutes without any progress, connectivity to the server may have been dropped. The present solution is to log out and back in and retry download. This bug is being addressed and a solution will be incorporated in all future versions of our apps.

Your CJ Fallon ID..arriving on Friday 22nd Feb

  • One Profile
  • One set of login credentials
  • Access to all of your CJ Fallon Material

Accordingly our online services will be unavailable from Wed 20th 6.30 pm – Fri 22nd 9.00 am. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this necessary work may cause.

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