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Are you a Subject Matter Expert?

Here we address many of the frequently asked questions that we receive about publishing texts for Irish schools. We’d love to hear your comments and suggestions on our current publications and your ideas for future materials. You can contact the Editorial Department by email at

Who writes your school textbooks?

Our publications are written by teachers for teachers. While some of these dedicated professionals may have additional skills and experience gained as examiners, in-service trainers, syllabus committee members, etc, they are all teachers who love what they do and do it well.

I have an idea for a textbook or other resource, how do I go about getting it published?

In the first instance send a letter outlining your proposal to the Managing Editor, who will then contact you to discuss your project.

What happens after a potential author submits material for consideration?

An appropriate member of CJ Fallon’s editorial team will be chosen to look after the manuscript, and he or she will assess the material’s suitability for publication based on reviews from a number of experienced teachers.

If it is decided to go ahead with publication, what level of support can I expect?

Once a decision has been made to proceed with publication, authors receive the dedicated support of our comprehensive in-house expertise. We maintain a first class team of highly experienced production, design and editorial personnel in-house. Additional support for new authors is provided by a panel of practising teaching professionals who have been through the writing process.

Can you provide any tips for submitting material for consideration?

When presenting material for consideration, it is of enormous benefit to both the potential author and the publisher if the following guidelines are noted:

  • When submitting information on disk, try to supply a sample disk at the earliest possible stage so that it can be checked for compatibility.
  • Also, break any electronic documents into manageable files. Clearly identify headings, sub-headings, etc. If sending work on paper, please use one side of the page only.