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Buster’s First Book of Facts

Buster’s First Book of Facts
The first Fact book has 8 Chapters in the Table of contents and a Picture index as follows:

Birds – Buster Facts on birds. (Buster’s friend Penny is a bird). Food – Buster Facts on food. (Buster is a hungry monster that likes to eat paper). Trees – Buster Facts on trees. (Buster lives in a park that has trees). Boats – Buster Facts on boats. (Buster and Jen play in the boat on the river in the park). The river – Buster Facts on rivers. (The river in the park prompts this theme). Fire – Buster Facts on fire. (Buster puts Penny and her friends by the fire in the storybook). Ice and Snow – Buster Facts on ice and snow. (Buster and his friends play in the snow). Flight – Buster Facts on flight. (The pigeons and the bubbles fly in the air in the final story of Here comes Buster!). Picture index with selected items for the child to refer back to as he/she uses the book.

Class:  First Class, Second Class

Price:   €7.30

ISBN:   9780174413198