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Buster’s Second Book of Facts

The third Fact book has 8 Chapters in the Table of contents and a Picture index as follows:

Dogs – (Jenny finds a dog in the street). Bicycles – (Tom’s magic bicycle is the obvious link here). Road safety – (The lost purse which Chris and Meg found as they played in the street presents an opportunity to have a chapter on the theme of safety). The gardaí – (They catch the burglar after the pink hairy monster raises the alarm and they are helped by Benny’s use of the video camera). Cars – (This theme is prompted by the safety chapter, the garda cars and by the traffic on Benny’s street). Big animals – (Grouch the camel evokes the theme for big wild animals). Shops – (The shops on Meath Street and Sinbad as a trader provide the basis for this theme). Whales and dolphins – (Sinbad’s experience with the whale is the prompt for this theme). Picture index with selected items for the child to refer back to as he/she uses the book.

Class:  First Class, Second Class

Price:   €7.30

ISBN:   9780714413242