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Céim ar Chéim 1 (Pack)

Céim ar Chéim 1 (Pack)
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Céim ar Chéim 1 (Pack) Céim ar Chéim 1 (Pack)

Céim ar Chéim A, B, 1 and 2 are activity books for Junior Infants to Second Class.

This pack combines the activity book Céim ar Chéim 1 and the class reader Ag and Zú.

These books link seamlessly with the digital material and provide a range of attractive and stimulating activities. The activities are based on the weekly units that have been taught using the digital material. The lessons are laid out systematically – two pages for each week.

The activity books will be used during the post-communicative phase of the lessons. These activities will give children an opportunity to revise, practise and consolidate the language they have learned.

The oral work, the listening exercises and the matching activities in the Céim ar Chéim books will all help the children to use the language they have learned in the interactive lessons. Gradually, children’s language skills and confidence will grow. The writing strand of the curriculum is gradually introduced through these activity books.

The curriculum recommends that Irish be taught through the medium of Irish. In the activity books, the instructions for the teacher are provided at the bottom of each page for ease of teaching in the classroom.

Ag an Zú (Leabhar 1) and Cairde le Chéile (Leabhar 2) are the two class readers for Céim ar Chéim. These books take the vocabulary that has been successfully acquired in the activity books and digital material and puts it into practice through formal reading.

Class:  First Class

Price:   €23.50

ISBN:   9780714423265