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Essential Guide to Special Education in Ireland

The Essential Guide to Special Education in Ireland is the first book to provide an overview of Special Education in Ireland. It is written for parents and teachers who are involved with children who have learning difficulties, across the spectrum from dyslexia to autism. The international trend towards teaching these children in mainstream schools (as opposed to Special Schools) is being implemented in Ireland over the past ten years and this has serious implications for everyone. The book describes how the entire process works, from identifying the initial signs of a learning difficulty through the assessment process and on to the formulation of the all-important ‘Individual Education Plan’.

It describes each special education condition in detail, and provides parents, teachers and principals with all the information and help they need to ensure they are doing all they can to provide every child with access to appropriate education. It has been written by Dr. David Carey, one of the country’s foremost experts on Special Needs education. He is Special Needs Co-ordinator in Froebel College of Education in Dublin, one of the five teacher-training colleges in the country.

Fionnuala Kilfeather, Chief Executive of the NPC has said ‘David is a recognised and respected expert in Special Education Needs. We welcome the publication of this book which will be of immense benefit to parents’.

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ISBN:   9780954583729