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Look , Listen and Learn – First Class

This Activity Book, for First Class provides:

  • a multi-sensory approach to the teaching and learning of letter sounds
  • a specific action to accompany each digraph
  • an alliteration phrase to reinforce each blend and digraph
  • a range of practical activities to support the teaching and learning of each blends, digraphs, word beginnings and endings
  • a number of reading and writing activities
  • a number of wordsearches with pictures, to reinforce recognition and understanding of words
  • an innovative approach to teaching the magic e sound
  • a consistent format of activities to promote pupils’ confidence
  • clear instructions for the teacher at the bottom of each page
  • frequent review / check-up activities throughout the book
  • an end of year review / check-up to assess pupils’ progress.

Class:  First Class

Price:   €10.65

ISBN:   9780714416137