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Penny’s First Book of Facts

The second Fact book has 8 Chapters in the Table of contents and a Picture index as follows:
Animals – (Animals live in the park and Curly Tail encounters his animal friends as he learns about the world). Clothes – (Emma wears suitable clothes in the park. The top secret fairies live in Tom’s sock drawer). Butterflies – (These insects are to be found in the park and they are scared of Tammy the lonely puppy). The airport – (Emma has an uncle who flies home and she visits the airport. Chris O’Brien wins a trip in an aeroplane in ‘Up, up and away’). Bridges – (The bridges in the park and ‘The little humpback bridge’ inspire the theme for this topic). Trucks – (Orla, one of Buster’s friends, has a Dad who owns a truck. Also, trucks and cars cross the little humpback bridge). Sun and rain – (Emma and Alan get ice-cream during the hot weather and Mike’s magic wellies cause rain thus prompting this theme). Flowers – Emma’s Daddy and later Mike’s Daddy have flower gardens). Picture index with selected items for the child to refer back to as he/she uses the book.

Class:  First Class, Second Class

Price:   €7.30

ISBN:   9780714413211