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Special Education in irish classrooms

Special Education in Irish Classrooms – A Practical Guide
An essentail guide for all teachers and parents of students with special educational needs at primary and secondary level, this ’how-to’ book is full of valuable insights and practical advice for the successful implementation of inclusive educational strategies that benefit all pupils.

“Fiona King’s book is a ”must have” for all teachers, SENO’s, NEPS psychologists and anyone interested in including children with special educational needs in the classroom. Its practical style is both accessible and academically sound. Fiona has written a book that will be used to propel special education in Ireland forward over the next two decades.”
Dr. David Carey, Frobel College of Education, Dublin.


  • Ideas for the structure of in-class support
  • Getting started and following a strategy
  • Applying peer-tutoring strategies
  • Practical guidelines for assisting reading comprehension skills
  • Tips on encouraging creative writing
  • Successful teaching strategies for Mathematics
  • Effective instruction for spelling in a whole class situation
  • Useful resources and websites

About the Author
Fiona King is a resource teacher working in Fahy National School, Co. Mayo. She lectures part-time for Froebel College of Education on its Diploma Course for Resource Teachers and she works with the INTO Professional Development Unit as a course designer, tutor and facilitator for summer courses and online courses. She holds a Masters in Special Educational Needs (St. Angela’s College, Sligo).

Class:  General Reading

Price:   €17.30

ISBN:   9780954583750