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Starry Links

This is a collection of twenty stories and fifteen poems. The twenty stories are: Help! It’s Harriet!, Strongbow, Lucy looks into a wardrobe, Duck’s story, Arrietty meets the boy, Back in time, Deserted, The great wave, Behind bars, Turned away, The black fox, The search, The stormy rescue, The selfish giant, The accident, A matter of honour, Ancient cures of Aran, The boy and the baboon, Hard times and The Spanish donkey.

The poems are: Leisure by W H Davies, Houses by Rachel Field, Exteriors by Caitríona Fitzsimons, The Rivals by James Stephens, My Room by Patrick Kavanagh, Lineage by Margaret Walker, Private? No! by Willard R Espy, I, Too! by Langston Hughes, Fuelled by Marcie Hans, Four O’Clock Friday by John Foster, The Woodland Haiku by Wes Magee, Some Opposites by Richard Wilbur, The Fairies by William Allingham, My Grandad Frank’s Day by Karen Leonard and Ations by Shel Silverstein

Class:  Fifth Class

Price:   €19.55

ISBN:   9780714413709