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Caint is Comhrá (Third to Sixth Class)


The Caint is Comhrá textbook includes a wide range of stories and exercises covering all ten themes outlined in the NEW Primary Language Curriculum.

Each textbook includes:

  • Fortnightly-structured units, allowing all themes to be taught twice per year.
  • Graded stories covering a wide variety of reading genres.
  • Teaching points and guided activities to help develop the pupils’ oral language, reading and writing skills.
  • Vibrant, real-life, conversation-based activities to encourage oral language development.
  • Specially-written songs and poems to consolidate the teaching points in each unit.

Portfolio Book

Each Caint is Comhrá textbook is accompanied by an excellent portfolio book.

The portfolio book includes:

  • All writing genres, extensively modelled for use on the whiteboard.
  • A spelling programme linked to the theme of each unit.
  • Listening activities that relate to the story in each unit.
  • Extra grammar and comprehension work.
  • Extra word study and phonics.
  • A clear record of the pupil’s work for the year. 
Click here to view a showreel

Click above to view a showreel

Teacher’s Resource Book

A comprehensive teacher’s resource book guides the teacher through the programme using the language of the NEW Primary Language Curriculum. 

It includes:

  • An extensive yearly scheme and yearly plan.
  • Week-by-week and fortnightly plans.
  • Writing genres and modelling.
  • Guidelines on spelling, grammar and verbs.
  • Suggestions for oral language development.
  • Assessment guidelines.

Individual Pupil Profile Assessment Booklet

A free individual pupil profile assessment booklet is also available to monitor progress.

  • The booklet will help the teacher to:
  • Review the progress of each pupil and the whole class.
  • Plan for consolidation and further learning.
  • Assist in the communication with parents on the progress of each pupil.

Digital Resources

Caint is Comhrá includes a suite of invaluable digital resources. The free interactives support the learning points of each unit in a fun and stimulating manner. A range of games, animations and listening exercises will aid pupils’ acquisition of the skills and teaching points of each unit.

The digital resources for use on the whiteboard include:

  • Vocabulary interactives for reinforcement of new keywords. 
  • Animated videos of the stories covered in each unit of the textbook.
  • Exciting grammar and spelling interactives.
  • Listening activities linked to the portfolio book.
  • Songs and poems with an audio on/off option.

All resources are embedded in the teacher’s ebook for ease of use in the classroom. These free digital resources will also be available for access on our website. 

You can try some of our digital interactives here: