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Level 1

Level 1 of the SIGMA-T consists of 46 items. The test can be used at any stage from the beginning of 1st Class until the end of the first term in 2nd Class. In order to cater for the wide ability range of pupils, the test content is drawn from the five main strands of the mathematics curriculum for Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st Class and the beginning of 2nd Class.

Only the first 34 items in the test are administered to pupils at the beginning of 1st Class due to the earlier stage of development of pupils at this stage.

Level 1 of the test is administered item-by-item by the teacher. The test is untimed and total administration time will vary from class to class, depending upon the ability levels of the pupils being tested. In general, testing will take between 50 and 70 minutes to complete.

All pupils in national schools must be tested on a standardised mathematics test either at the end of 1st Class or the beginning of 2nd Class. Level 1 of the SIGMA-T is designed to enable schools to fulfil this requirement.