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Level 5

There are two parts to Level 5 of the SIGMA-T. The first part is composed of 66 items which assess pupils’ knowledge of mathematical facts and concepts as well as their ability to perform a wide range of mathematical procedures. The second part of the test, which is administered separately, consists of 28 word problems of varying degrees of difficulty. Several of the items in the test have multiple parts so that in total the number of items in the test is 119.

Collectively, the test items provide a broad and comprehensive assessment of pupils’ mathematical achievement in the areas of number, measurement, geometry, elementary algebra, and data and statistics.

The test can be administered to pupils at any stage from the end of 5th Class until the end of 6th Class. Separate norms are available for each of the four terms. The test content is largely based on the mathematics curriculum for 5th and 6th Classes although material is also included from lower grades in order to make the test suitable for use with weaker pupils. The sequence of test items has been carefully graded according to the difficulty levels of the items.

Both parts of the test are untimed so that the administration time partly depends on the ability levels of the pupils taking the test. Whereas more able pupils may complete Part 1 within 45 minutes, some pupils may take somewhat more than an hour to do so. Administration time for Part 2 is typically between 45 minutes and an hour.

Separate scores can be computed for the two parts of the test as well as an overall test score. The test manual contains detailed guidelines for administering and scoring the test. It provides clear guidance on interpreting and analysing pupils’ results and offers advice on reporting test results to parents.