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What are the main features of Mathemagic?

  • Complete coverage of the Mathematics Curriculum
  • Logical sequence and presentation
  • Regular revision through Look back pages and chapters
  • Interest level and fun element with regular Solve the puzzles pages
  • Consolidation through carefully-planned Shadow Books

Are there support materials?
Yes. There is a comprehensive range of Cut-out Manipulatives and Wall Posters from Junior Infants to Second Class. There is a Big Book for both Junior and Senior Infants while the Teachers’ Resource Books are unique, containing a host of vital material for the teacher.

Finally, why should you choose Mathemagic?
There are two essential reasons. It follows the Mathematics Curriculum with great clarity and allows the child to view maths as a challenge as opposed to a problem. Teachers are relieved from planning, thereby allowing them to concentrate on what is important – teaching.