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Exploring Geography – Optional Unit 7

Geoecology – Optional Unit 7

This highly illustrated textbook is a comprehensive resource fully covering Optional Unit 7: Geoecology of the Geography Leaving Certificate syllabus.
It can be used in conjunction with the Exploring Geography Core Book or as a self-contained textbook.

Features include:

  • The KWL (Know, Want to know, Learned) teaching-and-learning strategy and the key geographical terms approach used in the Core Book are continued here. The words that you already know from the Junior Cycle or from your experience activate your prior knowledge. This in turn sparks interest, and even if a topic is challenging, you will be reassured by the fact that you already know something about it.
  • New case studies illustrate content taught in the book. These will provide you with alternatives when writing the answers to exam questions.
  • You will find ample information for SRPs required to answer the extended essay-style questions in this option.
  • The biome is presented in a manner that reflects how exam questions should be answered, such as defining and explaining specific aspects and giving examples. Appropriate diagrams, which are often overlooked by students when writing essay-type answers, are also provided.
  • Provides exam questions from recent Leaving Cert examinations.
  • Did You Know’ facts activate independent learning and promote further research.
  • Make the Connection’ boxes help you see the bigger picture by relating information to other chapters in the book or in the Core Book, linking it across the syllabus. They make you see the things that you have already learned as pieces of a jigsaw, rather than as topics in isolation.
  • What I Want to Know’ lists the key words that you need to know to access the topic. Teachers pre-teaching these words will make the topic more accessible.
  • Check What You’ve Learned’ are questions throughout a chapter that enable you to pause and reflect on what you have just learned.
  • What I Have Learned’ provides a summary of a chapter, where you can quickly access the main points.

Authors: Catherine Turley & Colette Flanagan

Class:  Leaving Certificate

Price:   €13.85

ISBN:   9780714428604