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Doodle Physics

Doodle Physics is a new, innovative approach to learning Physics. It covers the entire Leaving Certificate Physics course in graphic format, which will appeal to students and make learning the subject more interesting and accessible.

The visual, humorous approach will help students to understand and retain information from the course. All sections are covered, including both Higher and Ordinary Level options, and all experiments are included (with variations to suit whatever equipment you use).

The book can be used as a revision guide to reinforce material already covered and provide an opportunity to grasp concepts which are causing difficulty. It can also – with a teacher’s guidance – be used as a complete textbook.

The book is written by an author with over 25 years experience teaching physics at Leaving Certificate level, and is written to help students maximise their potential. Doodle Physics is the first book of its kind to appear on the Irish market and will give your students the advantage they need in their exam.

  • Concise yet comprehensive.
  • Higher and Ordinary levels covered.
  • Contains all sections of the course (including both options) and includes all of the mandatory experiments.
  • Produced in a format which students will find appealing and easy to engage with.
  • Author has over 25 years experience teaching Physics at Leaving Certificate level.

Author: Russell Harris

Class:  Leaving Certificate

Price:   €12.55

ISBN:   9780714423135