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French Extra!

French Extra! is a concise revision handbook that comprehensively covers every aspect of the French Leaving Certificate exam – oral, aural, reading, written and grammar. Designed with the student in mind, French Extra! seeks to aid their understanding of the language and further their success in the Leaving Certificate exam.

French Extra! acts as a companion – a personal tutor – and its section-by-section approach familiarises the student with the exam’s format, making the prospect of the exam much less daunting. It will help you study, prepare and answer questions efficiently. Students can test themselves using the French CD and sample listening comprehension papers included in the book. French Extra! is available as an eBook.

French Extra! contains the following:

  • An oral section including essential phrases and sample answers. This also includes a pronunciation guide and useful vocabulary tables.
  • A reading comprehension section including strategies to aid vocabulary learning and worked examples of past reading comprehensions.
  • A grammar section with a breakdown of essential grammar points and verb tenses.
  • A comprehensive written section. This includes vocabulary for a variety of opinions and topical issues, as well as useful phrases that may be used to answer a variety of questions that may appear in the written exam.
  • An aural section including French aural resources, key vocabulary from past papers and two sample listening comprehensions – transcripts and answers are included.
  • Study tips, exam tips and sample answers from past exam papers, completed in a transparent, approachable ‘step-by-step’ manner.

Author: Siobhán Daly

Class:  Leaving Certificate

Price:   €12.10

ISBN:   9780714426808