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J’excelle à l’écoute!

J’excelle à l’écoute ! is a fantastic resource for the aural element of Junior Cycle French. It contains:

  • 30 thematic units, covering a wide range of relevant topics.
  • Hundreds of audio tracks, accompanied by listening questions.
  • A useful guide on how to improve French listening skills.
  • End-of-section tests.
  • Track lengths for each exercise to aid planning.
  • Key vocabulary presented at the start of each unit and as audio tracks, so that students can learn the correct pronunciation.
  • A ‘useful phrases’ reference section.
  • A separate laminated vocabulary booklet, for quick and easy access to key vocabulary.
  • QR codes leading to the audio, so that students can scan, listen and learn.

Teachers will be provided with:

  • Whole-group and individual class tasks that work
  • with students of mixed ability.
  • Ready-made listening lessons for teachers short on time.
  • Exam-focused material in line with the Junior Cycle exam and specification.
  • Complete transcripts of all listening exercises.
  • A guide to the difficulty level of each exercise.
  • A suggested marking scheme for each end-of- section test.
  • PowerPoint presentations to accompany the book.

The authors
Niamh O’Rourke
teaches French and German and is the author of several textbooks, including the very successful Viel Spaß! German series for Junior Cycle.

Léo Macheda was a French language assistant in Ireland and now teaches at Lycée Lamartine in Macon, France.

Class:  Junior Cycle

Price:   €17.10

ISBN:   9780714430829