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Modern Accounting (new edition)

The new and updated Modern Accounting is a dynamic textbook that incorporates a fresh, interactive approach to the teaching of Leaving Certificate Accounting, for both Higher and Ordinary Levels.

  • Revised edition of a dynamic textbook that incorporates a fresh and very practical approach to Leaving Certificate Accounting.
  • Emphasises the theory of Acounting which is concisely covered in bullet format at the beginning of each chapter.
  • All the elements of the Accounting syllabus comprehensively covered.
  • Gradual and clear progression to more complex topics.
  • Easy to navigate, well-structured and designed with the examination in mind.
  • Includes many original exam-style questions for both levels.
  • Student-friendly layout with the key information highlighted for easy revision.
  • Answers to questions in text can be found at the back.

Author: Peter Quinn

Class:  Leaving Certificate

Price:   €39.95

ISBN:   9780714423067