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Physics Extra!

Physics Extra! presents all the Leaving Certificate Physics course material in a concise, understandable and student-focused book. It contains all the information you require, in sufficient detail, to be fully prepared for your examination.

It should be used throughout your two-year physics course to maximise your performance.

Physics Extra! is aimed at both Higher and Ordinary Level students, with the ‘Higher Level only’ material highlighted for easy distinction.

  • Required definitions are highlighted.
  • Formulae are clearly indicated and, where appropriate, are accompanied by worked examples to explain their usage.
  • All required graphs on the course have been included.
  • Formal derivations on the course are clearly marked.
  • Diagrams are geared towards questions asked in the Leaving Certificate, and are designed to be easily reproduced in the exam.
  • Short experiments and explanations are clearly indicated, and meet the requirements of exam questions.
  • Long mandatory experiments are explained in detail, along with associated diagrams, calculations, graphs and precautions.
  • A detailed checklist of course content together with a page reference to where the material is described is provided as an appendix at the end of this book.

Class:  Leaving Certificate

Price:   €12.10

ISBN:   9780714424033