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¡Te escucho!

¡Te escucho! is a new aural book designed to significantly improve students’ listening skills for the Junior Cycle common level Spanish exam.

¡Te escucho! is a fantastic resource for the aural element of Junior Cycle Spanish.
It contains:

  • 30 thematic units, covering a wide range of relevant topics in ready-made listening lessons.
  • Hundreds of audio tracks, accompanied by listening questions.
  • Listening tasks that work for students of mixed ability.
  • A useful guide on how to improve Spanish listening skills.
  • End-of-section tests.
  • Track lengths for each exercise to aid planning.
  • Key vocabulary presented at the start of each unit and as audio tracks, so that students can learn the correct pronunciation.
  • An ‘idiomatic phrases’ reference section.
  • A separate laminated vocabulary booklet, for quick and easy access to key vocabulary.
  • QR codes leading to the audio tracks, so that students can scan, listen and learn.

Teachers are provided with:

  • Exam-focused material in line with the Junior Cycle exam and specification.
  • Complete transcripts and solutions for all listening exercises.
  • A guide to the difficulty level of each exercise.
  • A suggested marking scheme for each end-of-section test.
  • PowerPoint presentations containing visuals that bring the cultural content of the listening tracks to life.
  • Teachers can access all teacher’s materials via

Class:  Junior Cycle

Price:   €16.95

ISBN:   9780714431291