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Text & Tests 1 (New Edition)

This edition of Text & Tests 1 closely follows and comprehensively addresses the new Junior Cycle Maths’ specifications. In particular, each chapter contains:

  • Investigations and Assignments designed to allow each student a chance to research and present (communicate) their individual findings.
  • Problems to encourage students to explain and generalise results.
  • Reviews to help students to evaluate their individual progress.

This textbook helps to develop the Junior Cycle Key Skills of:

  • Being Numerate
  • Working with others
  • Communicating
  • Being Creative
  • Managing Information and Thinking

Text & Tests 1 caters for the full range of ability in First Year.

Authors: Paul Cooke, O. D. Morris, Deborah Crean

Class:  Junior Cycle

Price:   €25.50

ISBN:   9780714425979