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Language in Action

Language in Action focuses on the Comprehension and Composition skills that are tested in Paper 1 of the Leaving Certificate English examination at Ordinary Level. The dual purpose of this textbook is to develop the reading and writing skills of students by exposing them to a wide range of texts, written in a variety of styles that will appeal to active and inquisitive minds.

The book contains:

  • A concise explanation of Paper 1 and informative notes on the use of language.
  • A section on Comprehending that thoroughly prepares students for Questions A and B of Section 1 of the paper.
  • A section on Composing which deals methodically with grammar, spelling and punctuation, and offers clear guidance on the main types of composition: articles, the personal essay, debate/speech and the short story.
  • A theme-based section modelled on the Leaving Certificate examination format. Texts have been organised under twelve themes such as Sport, Prejudice and Bullying, Violence, Holidays and Pets.
  • Many questions and composition exercises throughout the book that will serve as an ideal preparation for the examination.
  • 160 pages in full colour.

Class:  Leaving Certificate

Price:   €26.70

ISBN:   9780714416847