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  • Poetry Now 2026

    Poetry Now, our best-selling poetry anthology for Higher Level students, has been completely redesigned and restructured for the 2026 course to make it even more accessible and useful for students.

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  • Poetry Speaks 2026

    Poetry Speaks is a new, exciting and accessible poetry anthology, written and designed specifically for the Ordinary Level Leaving Certificate English course.

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  • Chrysalis – English for Junior Cycle (Pack)

    Chrysalis is a new and exciting textbook that comprehensively covers the entire three-year English Junior Cycle course.

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  • Revolutions (Pack)

    Leaving Certificate English Higher Level – Paper 1

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  • Branching Out! 1

    Branching Out! 1

    Branching Out! 1 comprehensively covers the new English Junior Cycle syllabus for First Years. This exciting and lively book fully addresses the three strands of learning: Oral Language, Reading and Writing.

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  • Branching Out! 2

    Branching Out! 2 completes the Junior Cycle course. Addressing all strands in an engaging and lively way, it covers strand units as diverse and interesting as Media Literacy and Film along with the key concepts and practical skills of Reading and Functional Writing.

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  • Chambers New School Dictionary

    Chambers New School Dictionary

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  • Language in Focus – New Edition

    This thoroughly revised edition of the best-selling book Language in Focus comprehensively prepares higher level students for Paper One of the Leaving Certificate English paper.

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  • Language in Action

    Language in Action focuses on the Comprehension and Composition skills that are tested in Paper 1 of the Leaving Certificate English examination at Ordinary Level.

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