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Language in Focus – New Edition

This thoroughly revised edition of the best-selling book Language in Focus comprehensively prepares higher level students for Paper One of the Leaving Certificate English paper.

  • Contains a wide variety of new sample texts, including extracts from articles, novels, emails, websites, short stories and poems.
  • Includes many real-world texts written by actual Irish Leaving Certificate students, indicating the style and quality required in the exam.
  • Offers valuable tips for answering both the Comprehending and Composing sections of Paper One.
  • Introduces students to the categories of language (information, argument, persuasion, narration, aesthetic) set out in the Leaving Certificate English syllabus.
  • Provides a wide-ranging selection of exam-style questions and exercises to test students’ comprehension and composition skills.
  • Questions are designed to encourage the development of the vital skills of understanding, interpretation and analysis.
  • Contains a grammar section to help students to write correctly and effectively.

Class:  Leaving Certificate

Price:   €20.90

ISBN:   9780714419220