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The SIGMA-T series of mathematics attainment tests has been specially developed and standardised for use in Irish primary schools. The five levels within the series are based on main strands of the Primary School Mathematics Curriculum and the content of the tests has been fully aligned with the mathematics programme.

SIGMA-T ‘as Gaeilge’
The SIGMA-T Tests are also available ‘as Gaeilge’ and the ‘AN TRIAIL A RITH’ units from the Teacher’s Manuals are available to download from ‘‘.

The tests are intended to provide teachers with accurate and reliable information on the mathematical achievement of pupils. This information can significantly assist teachers in monitoring pupil progress and in identifying pupils with learning difficulties in mathematics. The information gained from the test is also intended to help teachers in reporting to parents on the progress of individual pupils. The range of usage for each level is as follows:

  • Level 1 : Beginning of 1st Class – End of first term in 2nd Class
  • Level 2 : Last term in 2nd Class – End of first term in 3rd Class
  • Level 3 : Last term in 3rd Class – End of first term in 4th Class
  • Level 4 : Last term in 4th Class – End of first term in 5th Class
  • Level 5 : Last term in 5th Class – End of 6th Class

The tests may be administered during the first or last term of each school year and separate scoring norms are provided for each period. Levels 1 and 5 may also be administered in mid-year. At each level of the test, there are parallel forms to minimise copying and to allow for repeat testing. The tests have been standardised using a nationally representative sample of more than 13,000 pupils. Because the tests are norm-referenced, they enable teachers to compare the performance of each pupil taking the test with the standards of other pupils at the same class level nationally. The test results can also be analysed to provide teachers with detailed diagnostic information on each pupil.

The difficulty levels of tests have been carefully graded to ensure that they are suitable for pupils of varying ability levels. Distinguished by their attractive layout and high colour content, the tests are visually appealing to pupils, a factor that is important in securing pupil interest. The current series of tests was published in 2007. The tests, together with the associated manuals and scoring stencils, are available only to teachers and can be obtained directly from the publisher, CJ Fallon. The test manuals contain clear information on administering and scoring the tests, guidance on interpreting the results, and advice on reporting the results to parents.

An online computerised scoring system, developed by Helen Woods is also available. For more information on this please visit